August 30, 2011

Christopher Kuh – Working where Innovation Lives

On her recent trip to the US west coast, GIN4B’s Founder Stefanie met with industrial designer Christopher Kuh at Ammunition.

Christopher is one of those young and talented guys who are always looking for new challenges. When he worked as an intern at Volkswagen Design, one of his colleagues showed him a ranking of the top design studios in the US. He got inspired and applied for an internship at these renowned companies which were almost exceptionally located in or around San Francisco. Surprisingly, wherever he send his resume in, he received positive feedback. Christopher traveled to San Francisco for interviews and returned to Germany with several offers for an internship. „American design studios are very open minded to hire people from all over the world.”, Christopher explains. He decided for fuseproject, one of the top studios in San Francisco owned by Yves Behar.

After his internship, Christopher returned to Germany, finished his studies and made the decision to move back to San Francisco. This time he applied at Ammunition Christopher is working at Ammunition for three years now and is still happy with his decision. „The projects I am working on are really super exciting. It is all about new technology and materials. Being part of such an innovative environment is absolutely fantastic.“, he states. And really, he showed me some very advanced projects like a new concept for a TV-Set. Will it ever make it to market? As a designer you never know.

Ammunition was founded in 2007 by Robert Brunner, who has been the Head of Industrial Design at Apple and hired Jonathan Ive in the 90’s. He is still very keen on finding new talents working for him. Robert Brunner’s agency works for companies like Adobe, HP, Beats by Dr. Dre, Samsung and Microsoft. Ammunition is one of the fastest growing industrial design agencies in the US with 35 employees today.

Christopher plans to stay in the US for some more years. “Actually, this is the place I have the best opportunity to find out what I like best. But I am still planning to go back to Germany within the next 10 years. I would love to work for a design-driven company there.”

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