GIN4B – German Internationals for Business, is an initiative to connect and promote German creatives and businesses working around the globe.
GIN4B connects, promotes and consults German creative professionals and design-oriented businesses on an international level, uncovers trends in design, business and technology, develops concepts in the field of cutting-edge topics and provoke the sharing of interdisciplinary capabilities and ideas.
Encouraged by the German Ministry of Economics and Technology, GIN4B was founded by Stefanie Then and Claudia Schaller in 2011.


Stefanie Then Stefanie Then, initiator of GIN4B, lives in Frankfurt, Germany, where she has deep connections in the business and financial world and also has her finger on the pulse of the latest creative events. She bridges those interests by organizing events and workshops that involve both, the creative and business world.
Stefanie holds a Master’s degree in Art History and can be found at trade shows centered around lifestyle, technology, furniture, industrial goods, print, media, cars, lighting or glued to her computer or newest gadget, experimenting with tomorrow’s technology. Her passion for culture and people drives her to meet and connect design professionals all over the world.
Matthias Lechner‘s passion is design focused technology. His favorite quote from Albert Einstein, “A good idea is recognized when its realization upfront is seen as impossible”, drives him forward to find always the best solution. He believes that the involvement of interdisciplinary teams in the creativity process creates the conditions for innovation. Matthias holds a Master Degree in Product-Design (Berlin-Weißensee School of Art & Design). He has worked as the first European Designer at LG in Seoul, South Korea and likes the intercultural exchange. He started his working career as a tool maker at Braun cooperation and is working now as a Business- and Product Development Consultant to bring communication technologies to a new level. He has +10 years’ experience in the FMCG industry, in leading cross-country projects and he can pair his R&D experience with industrial design know-how.


Claudia Schaller co-founded GIN4B together with Stefanie Then. She left the organization in April 2012. Claudia lives in San Francisco, CA, where she works as Business Development Director and Strategist at the global experience design consultancy Eight Inc. Holding a PhD in science, she is interested in finding opportunities within the intersection of innovative technology, design and user behavior.

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