November 1, 2011

System M Launched at Neue Räume Zurich

Thomas Merkel, Head of Design at sdr+ since 1995, presented his brand new shelving System M at Neue Räume Zürich. Since 1995, sdr+ cooperates with Dieter Rams as licensee of his modular furniture series for various European countries; Thomas has been responsible for product maintenance and optimization of the current production processes. In recent years, he also made remarkable additions to Rams’ furniture series with his M04 and M05 tables. The latest shelving System M represents a completely new approach for sdr+.

The deep product knowledge of Rams’ 606 and the end of the cooperation with Dieter Rams next year led to this novelty. „I like the 606 of Dieter Rams very much. It is still fantastic. But after 50 years many things, for example the entire production process, have changed. Today, things are possible which haven’t been in the 60’s.“ Thomas is a great admirer of his teacher and his table series M04 and M05 are in a direct tradition of Rams’ famous design attitude. Exactly like the brand new shelving System M.

Thomas started from the scratch. The design of System M is determined by the material property and the way it has to be treated to get the highest standards of stability. The structure of his design allows a shelve length of 120 cm which is very rare for sheet metal. The surface is slip-proof and necessary equipment like book ends cannot been seen anymore. Even the fixtures for the shelves are hidden. The back of the shelves have the same height like the laterals, providing perfect protection for the rear wall. The modularity and flexibility of Thomas Merkel’s shelving system are astonishing. If you decide today for containers equipped with a door and some years later you need drawers, you can easily adjust for that. You just need to buy the drawers, which can be integrated with a few easy steps. These features make the System M a perfect companion for life. Not surprisingly, the presentation of System M in Zurich was a great success. System M will be available in the stores next year – worldwide.

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